Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a certificate for my compliance training?

Yes. If you are attending a live seminar, we will provide a certificate bearing your name upon completion. If you are taking the online course, you may download and print a PDF version of the certificate personalized with your name.

I am just a single owner-operator. Am I required to complete this training?

Only persons designated to supervise employees in safety sensitive positions must receive this training which is not applicable for single owner-operators.

What will DOT do if supervisors do not have this mandatory training?

Fines for non-compliance are one of the strongest deterrents DOT uses on a consistent basis, yet in conjunction with other violations could ultimately result in loss of DOT registration number. The bigger issue at hand is liability from allowing potentially avoidable serious accidents or fatality if a supervisor were properly trained.

Does this training need to be renewed every year for supervisors?

DOT requirements are that any supervisors of DOT safety sensitive positions be trained on drug and/or alcohol awareness indicators regarding reasonable suspicion only once in their lifetime. However, to stay current on trends and regulations, a refresher course at least every five (5) years is recommended.

How can I prove that training has been completed when audited by the DOT?

Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Training upon successful completion of training. These are presented at the conclusion of the training event.

Why is reasonable suspicion training on indicators of drug abuse and alcohol misuse in the workplace for those in charge of supervising DOT employees in safety sensitive positions important?

There are two primary reasons why training for reasonable suspicion of drug/alcohol abuse. The first reason is obvious and second reason is more subtle than most realize:

#1 Prevention Of Accidents/Fatalities -- If one is adequately trained on reasonable suspicion then hopefully that supervisor can prevent someone performing a safety sensitive position that could injure themself or others due to judgment being impaired by drug/alcohol abuse.

#2 Prevention Of Lawsuits -- If an employee has been selected by supposed reasonable suspicion by a person of authority managing DOT employee, DOT regulations require a supervisor be trained on these indicators BEFORE they can request a reasonable suspicion drug/alcohol test. If that supervisor is not properly and officially trained on drug/alcohol abuse indicators, then could quite possibly open up for legal harassment and/or unfair treatment to an employee.

What is a "safety sensitive position" as defined by DOT?

A person actually performing, ready to perform, or immediately available to perform functions which include: all time spent at the driving controls of a commercial motor vehicle in operation; all time waiting to be dispatched, or remaining in readiness to operate the vehicle; all time inspecting, servicing, or conditioning the vehicle; all time loading or unloading a vehicle, supervising, assisting, or attending a vehicle being loading or unloading, and time giving or receiving receipts for shipments loaded or unloaded; and all time repairing, obtaining assistance, or remaining in attendance of a disabled vehicle.

What if I'm not able to complete the online training all at once?

You can start/stop the training and start back where you left off without having to take the entire course or any section over again.